About Body Language Vitamins

Our story began as I think I can... with dreams of being the little science lab that could.

We started with the idea that our bodies usually run like near-perfect machines until they're disrupted. And with deep scientific research - down to the cell's molecular level - we thought we might be able to isolate the cause of some disruptions, and then improve some very common health issues related to age, diet or environmental factors.

For science geeks, this was not a crazy goal - except we also wanted to achieve our results without the use of any prescription drugs or risky medicines.

Our little lab successfully found consistent disruptions in cell and system functions because of low levels of specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Weaker bones, age-related hearing loss, higher cholesterol, virus attacks and more. Systems worked, but not very well. It was similar to a car running a couple quarts low on oil - issues develop, especially over time. Unfortunately, our bodies don't have on-board diagnostic systems that monitor everything at a glance.

Through extensive research, we developed a complex set of proprietary ingredients that could replace these missing vitamins, minerals and nutrients - thus improving cell and system functions. Our newly bottled formulas could improve bone density. Lower cholesterol. Prevent or dramatically reduce the impact of a cold or flu. Lower health risks with supercharged antioxidants. All with pure, natural ingredients. Our little lab had broken through.

Orders for our supplements started slowly. We expanded our research to more issues and developed new formulas. More orders followed and we started building a loyal following. Then we got a patent on our top selling product. Then the press started to notice. An article in Oprah. The cover of Men's Health. A talk on Good Morning America....

Since then, we've been fortunate to be considered a leading innovator and developer of high end supplements. We're very proud that hundreds of thousands of people have taken millions of our supplement tablets to help improve their health. And with the massive shift in Americans seeking organic foods, healthy alternatives and ingredient comparisons, we are very encouraged.

Through all this, over 30+ years later, we're still the little science lab that could.

Holds 7 U.S. patents Rated as a Best Doctor - top 3% nationwide

Runs skull base surgery and wellness for health system spanning 84 hospitals from Florida to Texas and up the U.S. East Coast

Lectures worldwide, including advising NFL, MLB and NHL on supplements and the athlete

Works on matters of U.S. Governmental and regulatory concerns, including presentations to Congress and the FDA

Publisher of 130 peer reviewed papers and two books

Serves on Board of Directors for American Academy of Oto-HNS

Teaches as Professor of Oto-HNS

Featured regularly in major media with nearly 200 articles or mentions in last ten years, including Good Morning America, ABC, CBS, CNN, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Men's Health and many others